About Us

We believe in a future where every renovation is effortless.

A world where remodelmate has succeeded.

Everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed and well-built home, tailored to each person and property. Your home’s functionality inspires and enhances your neighborhood and if we’re successful the spaces you inhabit will improve your life.


Traditional home remodeling is slow, unpredictable, and expensive.

Today most renovations are still done the way they were 100 years ago. It’s an incredibly inefficient process that requires architects, consultants, designers, materials suppliers, general contractors, and subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, and painters. For you, this means your renovation is uncomfortably expensive, time consuming, and unpredictable. It’s time to make renovations:

  • Affordable

    By eliminating manual processes and duplicative roles

  • Fast

    By mastering one renovation at a time

  • Predictable

    So quality won’t be affected by high volume or low prices

We started with bathrooms

Nearly every object in our lives -- tubs, tile, toilets, and more -- is made efficiently in a factory. Unlike a bathroom renovation, you don’t hear of chronic lateness or budget overruns because automation enables quality at high volume and low cost. When you order a toilet online, you know what it’s going to cost before you buy -- there are no surprises like the cost overruns that are par for the course in renovations.

Technology has transformed other industries. Renovations are next. Bathrooms are unusually perfect to automate because 91% of bathrooms in the world are 5’ x 8’. This makes our idea of using algorithms and production lines to build a home improvement company online -- one that couldn’t exist any other way -- possible.


The Obama Foundation Headquarters, Property Managment Software, Smart Vending Machines, and LivingSocial.

Just a few of the things our team built before remodelmate. We know how to build high quality products that people love. We started remodelmate to make beautifully designed and well-built homes for everyone. To accomplish this, we assembled a diverse team from commercial construction, software, IoT, and two-sided marketplace backgrounds to build technology that streamlines every step of the renovation process -- from concept to completion.

Furniture manufacturers don’t change the design of your sofa because they bought the wrong part at Lowe’s.

Our software creates a 3D model of your bathroom down to the grout color. So even though each bathroom has unique finishes, we know how to build it every time. That’s how we’re able to give you guaranteed pricing for custom designs.

Blokable, CustomInk, Handy, Sweetgreen, and SquareSpace.

Our investors share our vision for the future of renovations and bring a wealth of experience in building world-class companies to remodelmate. Some of our biggest investors include Revolution’s Rise of the Rest and TEDCO.

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