Introducing remodelmate 1.5

remodelmate - September 04, 2018

You read that right: 1.5, not 2.0.

You may or may not remember our old website:

Not bad, eh? But also not amazing…LIKE OUR NEWLY RENOVATED SITE.

Our new website is top-of-the-roof (get it!?), and it lays the groundwork ( ?) for the new face and functionality of our service. Let’s call it a new foundation (ok, last one) for the future of remodelmate.

We’re proud of our progress, and we hope you are, too. It’s not easy changing the way home renovations are booked, managed, and completed, but we think we’re onto something. (The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, and DC Inno seem to agree!)

The even better news is that we’re only a few months away from launching a brand new online platform that will completely change the way home renovations are booked and managed online. Something our old pal Angie has never had.

You know Angie, right? She’s a great connector…has a decent list…but she doesn’t help you manage the often stressful process of a home renovation. She plays matchmaker, but she doesn’t plan and execute the date.

Over the coming months, we’ll be scurrying around finishing a proprietary platform that fosters seamless homeowner-to-contractor communication, project automation, transparent pricing and project milestones, and quick and secure payments. This will be remodelmate 2.0.

But don’t worry — we are still taking on projects in the meantime! Use remodelmate’s current service for project scheduling, fair and up-front pricing, and, of course, our hands-on Concierge management.

Stay tuned for more.

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