"Sounds too good to be true, but it really does work that way."

- Steve Wheatley, remodelmater since 2018


Outsource your admin work to remodelmate


We work for you

Every project has a Concierge. A single point of contact to help you with permitting, plans, materials, and billing.


Change Orders

The majority of remodelmate projects don’t need change orders, but if yours does we’ll handle communication, paperwork, and approval -- all online.


Guaranteed Pay

We step in to help resolve disputes if they arise. If a resolution can’t be reached we guarantee your pay for any completed work.

Get Started Today

  • Skills Test

    We’ve learned that the best contractors know their stuff, cold. After you pass, we’ll get you verified quickly so you can work with new customers.

  • Licensed

    We’ll send you customers in any state as long as you hold the required licenses.

  • Insured

    By default, every project is covered by a $1M policy, but we still expect you to carry insurance to protect your team.

  • Schedule

    We’ll run a background check and once complete you’ll get a verified badge to give your customers peace of mind. Just let us know when you’re available to take on more work.

Common Questions

Is remodelmate free to join?

In some cities, we charge a $50 registration fee that helps us provide the best service to you.

No. Other sites charge you for leads and most of them won’t ever become customers. We only send you customers that are ready to get started.

When you sign up we email you jobs close to you whenever you’re available.

There’s no limit. The more jobs you do, the more you make.

Whenever you complete a task you invoice your customer online. You’ll receive your pay in 2 days via direct deposit.

Get your estimate instantly.