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Yes! Remodelmate is free to join after you pass our vetting process, which includes background checks, client reviews, and installer referrals.
No. With remodelmate, you never have to pay for leads. We do all the work for you – lead conversion, estimates, invoices, contracts, accounts receivable, and more.
We match renovation installers with install-ready jobs when their availability and expertise sync up with the immediate needs of homeowners.
Remodelmate is the best and easiest way to grow your business online. Set your own prices and let us do the rest — marketing, quotes, invoices, all of it.
Yes! During the remodelmate onboarding process, we work with you to set competitive labor prices for any home renovation project (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, or addition) that you wish to work on through remodelmate. This is done through a confidential remodelmate-installer service agreement. If you want, you can change your prices after each completed project.
We want you to make as much money as possible through remodelmate, but our homeowners expect fair and transparent pricing. Need help? Our team will work with you stay to competitive in your service area.
Most renovations start with the same foundational components. A bathroom renovation, for example, often includes the demolition and installation of one 30” x 60” tub and tub fixtures, eighty-eight square feet of ceramic tile surround, one toilet, one vanity and vanity fixtures, forty square feet of tile flooring, and paint. This industry standard allows us to create a templated labor price for homeowners. Our homeowners are aware that projects are often unpredictable, so we make it simple to add project addendum — allowing installers to easily earn more.
Before starting a project, you and the homeowner agree on project milestones. For example, if you are remodeling a kitchen, cabinet demolition is one milestone and appliance installation is another milestone. Once each milestone is completed, funds get released to your account. This ensures you are always getting paid for the work you do.
We are a cash-less company. Our installers are paid via Paypal, direct deposit, or other electronic payment methods — up to you!
No. Remodelmate’s service is free for homeowners who want to hire a local installer and manage their own renovation. When homeowners choose to have an optional “remodelmate Concierge” to help guide the project, we charge homeowners a separate fee. This fee does not impact installers’ pay.
If a homeowner decides to fire you from their project, you will be paid for the work you did up until the last completed milestone. The rest of the money automatically goes back to the homeowner.
Right now, the best way to communicate with homeowners is in-person, by text, or phone call. We will soon have a way for you to communicate with homeowners directly through our website.
No. Following the completion of a remodelmate project, you are more than welcome to work with that same homeowner again off the remodelmate platform.
Yes. All installers must provide proof of license and insurance before joining remodelmate. We assume no legal responsibility for the outcome of the project or for any workplace injuries.
If everything checks out, then congrats — you’re a remodelmate! You will now be able to earn guaranteed jobs.
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