Remodelmate is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and managing home renovation services. We strive to make booking and working with home improvement professionals an easy, transparent, and less stressful experience — like how your next home renovation should be. Our forthcoming technology platform will soon allow you to manage your next home renovation entirely online.
Remodelmate’s service is free for homeowners who want to hire a local contractor and manage their own renovation.
Remodelmate is committed to using transparency, accountability, and technology to simplify the often stressful process of renovating a home. By working with pre-screened, highly-rated local contractors with pre-negotiated rates, we eliminate the uncertainty, anxiety, and lack of transparency that comes with the traditional home improvement experience.
Remodelmate isn’t just a contractor listing and rating service; we guide you through your project from inception to completion, and we’ll soon have an online platform that will allow you to seamlessly manage every aspect of your next home renovation.
Think of a remodelmate Concierge as your personal project manager. The Concierge feature is for homeowners who are looking for an experienced renovation manager to oversee the design and build of the project from concept to completion. To hire a Concierge, homeowners agree to pay a nominal management fee of 10 percent of their project’s total labor cost.
Remodelmate generates income from our optional Concierge service and through project booking fees that are paid by the contractors who use our site to grow their businesses.
To be a member of our community, contractors must consistently have fantastic references from local homeowners and realtors, or receive an endorsement from an active remodelmate. The last step includes interviewing them to ensure they’re comfortable with our protocols and standards of professional behavior. All of our contractors are licensed, insured, and have passed background checks and personality tests.
Not happy? No worries! We work with you and your contractor until you confirm that you’re happy with the service. If you want to fire your assigned remodelmate at any point in the renovation process, then we will match you with a new one at no additional cost. And don’t forget: all of our contractors are licensed and insured.
We offer phone support at (202) 670-0272, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST. After hours we can be reached via email at 24/7.
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