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Remodelmate is an online marketplace that connects homeowners with trusted local renovation installers. Our dashboard allows users to book, pay for, and manage their bathroom or kitchen upgrade all in one place, with the push of a button.
Our installers are trusted local renovation pros. All remodelmate installers are vetted and agree to adhere to our Community Standards, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.
Think of a remodelmate Concierge as your personal assistant. The optional Concierge feature is for homeowners who are looking for help with sourcing, buying, and delivering finished materials for your project. We recommend Concierge to first-time renovators, busy homeowners, or anyone who prefers a hands-off renovation.
Simply visit [app.remodelmate.com](https://app.remodelmate.com) and select the components of your renovation. No in-home consultations necessary. From there, our platform matches you to a trusted local remodelmate installer whose skills and availability match your project. By streamlining the quote process, and removing all of the unnecessary junk, we’re able to give transparent labor quotes that are typically 50 percent less than the national average.
Once you receive your instant quote, you pay $1 to book it. It’s that easy!
Yes! Your Concierge helps you select and order all of the necessary materials for your renovation – no matter how big or small.
If you choose to utilize local permitting for your project, then your Concierge will help guide you through the process. Note: Securing permits from your city or municipality takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks based on the complexity of your project.
We use neighborhood-level data to give you a materials estimate during the instant quote process. At the end of the day, your final materials cost is completely up to you! Our Concierges work within any budget – whether it’s $500 or $50,000 – to help you select and order all necessary materials. Give us the budget, and we’ll help you stick to it.
If you opted for a remodelmate Concierge to assist you with your project, then you will be prompted to pay a Concierge fee. Once paid, this activates your Concierge, who will schedule a video call to discuss the design and build of your project. If you opted out of Concierge, then you will be contacted by your assigned remodelmate installer to solidify a start date.
Milestones are individual components of your renovation. A kitchen renovation, for example, may have the following milestones: “Demo,” “Remove Countertop,” or “Install Cabinets.” Each milestone has an associated timeline and cost.
Milestone payments are the costs associated with each individual milestone. When your remodelmate installer completes a milestone, you will get a notification in your homeowner dashboard. If you approve the milestone, then the payment associated with that milestone will be paid from your account to the installer’s account. Note: if you are not satisfied with that particular milestone, you may deny the milestone completion and work with your installer, or your Concierge, until you are satisfied.
Remodelmate isn’t just an online business directory of remodeling professionals. Unlike other online services, we give you instant transparent labor prices from trusted local installers who are ready to get to work. No in-home estimates, no consultations, and no massive deposits to get started. Simply book for $1, then make milestone payments through your homeowner dashboard.
Remodelmate is committed to using transparency, accountability, and technology to simplify the often stressful process of renovating a home. By working with pre-screened, highly-rated local renovation installers with pre-negotiated rates, we eliminate the uncertainty, anxiety, and lack of transparency that comes with the traditional home improvement experience. Our process saves homeowners up to 50 percent on cost and time, compared to national averages. We’re able to achieve these savings by working with trusted local renovation installers who list transparent labor rates for every component (milestone!) of a renovation. Furthermore, many old-school renovation installers typically markup renovation materials by 30 percent or more. Remodelmate installers don’t!
Yes! We have a nationwide project financing partnership with industry leader SoFi. With this partnership, homeowners have an easy way to finance their home renovations online without a HELOC or second mortgage. To apply for financing for a remodelmate project, simply click [here](https://www.sofi.com/refer/2457/2096730). Remodelmate receives compensation from SoFi on a per-funded loan basis.
Remodelmate generates income from our optional Concierge service and through project booking fees that are paid by the renovation installers who use our site to grow their businesses.
Not happy? No worries! We work with you and your installer until you confirm that you’re happy with the service. If you would like to be reassigned a new remodelmate at any point in the renovation process, then we will match you with a new one at no additional cost.
We offer phone support at (202) 670-0272, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST. After hours we can be reached via email at support@remodelmate.com 24/7.
Don't see your question here? Drop us a line at support@remodelmate.com and we'll help you out!

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